Westview Christian Fellowship

Grace Produces Abundance, Fear Perpetuates Poverty

August 31, 2022

Recorded on August 2022: Luke 12


The rich fool in Christ’s parable takes the surplus produced by the earth and puts it in a barn. If having faith in God means believing that God is good and provides more than enough for even the wildflowers, then it’s hard to deny that the surplus produced by the ground is a gift meant to be shared with all.


When the rich man hoards this gift, he deprives others of it. Another way of saying this is that by hoarding the abundance of the earth, the rich man steals from all those for whom that gift was meant.


Grace moves in the other direction; it calls us, evident in the Lord's prayer and the splendour of the wildflowers, to believe that there is more than enough for all. There is no reason to worry, there is no reason to hoard wealth. 

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