Westview Christian Fellowship

Rereading Scripture with the Pregnant Self - Caleb Ratzlaff

May 10, 2022

Recorded on May 8th: The Road to Emmaus: Mothers sacrifice their own bodies for the sake of the child they carry within them. There is a parallel here with Christ’s suffering on the cross. I wouldn’t say that the mother is a victim, indeed, this is probably the wrong way to characterize the experience, but she does sacrifice herself, her own body, for the sake of another.

What I think we’re asked to do when we participate in communion is to remember how we are all pregnant with each other. The more we live into this reality -- the reality that we are codependent on others -- the more we will find ourselves inevitably drawn to interpret the world, and the stories we tell to make sense of the world, through the eyes of the oppressed. 

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