Westview Christian Fellowship

Why are Anabaptists so conservative when it comes to women? with Carol Penner

February 21, 2021

Recorded at Westview on Feb. 14, 2021 this episode featured Carol Penner. Carol Penner teaches and writes in the area of practical theology and after many years as a pastor in various Mennonite congregations, she joined the faculty at Grebel. Her research interests include feminist theology and Mennonite peace theology, and abuse issues. She has a popular blog of her worship resources at www.leadinginworship.com.


In this discussion, Carol asks “Why are Anabaptists so conservative when it comes to women?” In response, Carol outlines three aspects of Anabaptist theology that keep women in a subordinate role: suffering, obedience, and forgiveness. 


“We need a peace theology that really does bring peace to people, not just peace to the people in charge or on top, but peace to the people who suffer the most.”

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