Westview Christian Fellowship

A Grace-filled Bible with Heather Morgan

November 18, 2020

Recorded on Nov. 8, 2020, at Westview Christian Fellowship. In this episode, we are honoured to hear from Heather Morgan. Heather shares parts of her life story, particularly her learning from LGBTQ+ Christians with groups such as Generous Space and https://wildgoosefestival.org/. These relationships invited Heather to wrestle with her reading of scripture and the world that told her she can't celebrate her trans child. Heather provides for us a grace-filled reading of scripture that has been emerging from her wrestling with the Bible. You can find Heather at https://poweredbylove.ca/


Heather Morgan's Bio:

Heather has spent 17 years working with thousands of pregnant and parenting individuals through issues including general parenting skills, neurodiversity (autism/ADHD), trauma, physical/developmental disability, mental health issues (for parents or children), and parents who are learning to support their LGBTQ+ child/youth. She has experienced infant loss herself as well as raising two children, each with multiple disabilities, both of whom identify as LGBTQ+.

Professionally, Heather has worked as the Founding Support Director for the Trisomy 18 Foundation and has attended over 50 births as a High Risk Doula. She has trained under Penny Simkin on Childbirth After Sexual Abuse, under Leah Kuypers on Zones of Regulation, under Dr. Karyn Purvis on The Connected Child, and with the Gilbert Centre’s Family Support Team. Heather is a trained Life Coach with thousands of hours of clinical experience.

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